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Underground Arts and Underground Artists

Just in time for the holiday season, Philadelphia’s loft district has been awarded a gift of underground entertainment in the form of an entirely new venue. Underground Arts intends to fill 12,000 square feet of open space with some of the best underground talent in the city. They specialize in all things underground, from performance art to interpretive dance. Ticket prices start at around $10 per person and do not get much more expensive.

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Fun Free Outings in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, an exciting daytime adventure or a night out on the town doesn’t have to cost a dime. There are plenty of fun free outings readily available in the City of Brotherly Love. Whether your pleasure is historical sightseeing, musing over murals, or skateboarding x-games style, Philadelphia has got you covered. The endless list of free events gets a little longer each year as more and more businesses come forward and add their names. Philadelphia Freedom is quite an accurate description of this thriving city!

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