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Unleashed at Petco : A Pet Friendly Store, Courtesy of Your Pet Friendly Housing Provider

The Granary is rapidly becoming the hub of all things friendly. Here at the Granary Apartments, we understand that your pets are family too, which is why we go to such great lengths to keep them pampered, healthy and entertained. In addition to the slew of available pet friendly restaurants and pet friendly recreation centers, pet lovers will be happy to learn that their favorite pet friendly store has just entered the building. To provide your pets with the ultimate experience in friendliness, residents need only walk downstairs.

Flickr | Lazy Sunday Pt. 2 | Bruce W. Martin II

Image: Flickr

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The Philadelphia Sports Club: Catering to Granary Apartments Residents

Fitness enthusiasts who currently reside in the Granary Apartments are in for a treat. The Philadelphia Sports Club, located just across the street from the Granary Apartments complex is now offering special discounts for residents. Their already low prices come in at just a dollar a day, making them one of the most affordable sports clubs in the vicinity. Jogging to the gym should take less than a few seconds, even if you have to race down the stairs. Memberships at The Philadelphia Sports Club feature close to 5,000 group exercise classes, specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Buell Kratzer Powell | Philadelphia Sports Club

Image: BKP

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Coming Soon to the Granary: New Trendy Restaurants

The Philadelphia food trend seems never ending, with hundreds of new restaurants opening up in the area, all of which are competing for the satisfaction of your taste buds. There are three exciting new restaurants scheduled to open just minutes away from the Granary Apartments.

Now, Granary Apartments residents can enjoy even more mouthwatering morsels than before. Whether you’re a fan of Asian cuisine or a frozen yogurt enthusiast, the following three restaurants are sure to comply with your cravings. Here is the rundown on the restaurants making their way to your neck of the woods.


Image: Le Pain Quotidien

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The Walnut Street Supper Club: The Show before the Show

Philadelphia is home to some of the most delightful entertainment venues in the United States. Walnut Street, which is conveniently located just a few minutes from the Granary Apartments, has an established reputation for two reasons: the entertainment and the food. The Walnut Street Supper Club, formerly known as the Zagat-rated Portofino Restaurant, has discovered a brilliant way to combine these two elements, and the end result is a dining experience beyond compare.

The Walnut Street Supper Club

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