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Pizzeria Vetri: A Taste of Italy in Philadelphia

The rich cultural heritage in Philadelphia is evident, especially in regards to the food. No matter what you have a taste for, it is almost guaranteed that you won’t have to travel far to satisfy your eager taste buds, and Pizzeria Vetri is just one of many authentic Italian pizzerias within walking distance of your Granary Apartments residence.

Pizzeria Vetri Philadelphia

Image: City Center Team

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The Barnes Foundation Presents the CSA Gallery on Callowhill Street

Art is often used as a tool to convey a deeper message. Often times, interpretation of artistic pieces is in the eye of the beholder. The CSA Gallery, mere blocks away from the Granary Apartments, had something simpler in mind. Their message is loud and clear for Philadelphians. Their building is more than a place to hang pictures on the wall. The CS in CSA stands for community support, something the artists of Philadelphia can now enjoy.

Hand-painted Print by Anda Dubinski | CSA Gallery

Image: CSA Gallery

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The Finest Eateries in Philly are Just Minutes from The Granary Apartments

When people come to the Philadelphia, they always claim they’re here to see the Liberty Bell and other historical sites. Truth be told, they really just come for the food. It’s no secret that Philly knows how to serve up a mean cheesesteak, an awesome hoagie and we’re also home to some of the creamiest cannolis in the nation. What many tourists never realize until they arrive is that all of our food is delicious. Here are four of the finest eateries you can find in the city, and they’re all just minutes from your Granary Apartments home.

Kite & Key - Best Mussels in Philly! - Buffalo Mussels

Image: Urban Spoon 

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The Clubroom Kitchen at the Granary: Available for Rent and Leisure

The clubroom kitchen is one of many unique on-site amenities here at the Granary Apartments that our residents can take advantage of whenever their hearts desire. Our entirely new apartment complex, complete with over 20,463 feet of retail space, is already winning awards for its elaborate architectural design. Now you and your family can enjoy the clubroom kitchen, one of our most prized accomplishments to date.

The Clubroom Kitchen at the Granary

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