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How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Clean: Some Eco-Friendly Tips From the Granary Team

Stainless steel is the perfect touch for any modern, urban dwelling space. If maintained correctly, it wards off many unwanted elements such as rusting, staining and corrosion and gives a lustrous look that screams brand new. But maintaining it can be tricky, since stainless steel doesn’t respond well to common household cleaning products, many of which contain harsh chemicals. Fortunately there are ways to clean your appliances quickly, efficiently and surprisingly eco-friendly, leaving Granary Apartments residents with plenty of time to enjoy their stylish kitchens without the hassle of applying too much elbow grease.

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The Top Five Places to Eat in Philly

Attempting to name every eatery in the city of Philadelphia would certainly be a mouthful. It could take a week just to get through restaurants that begin with the letter A. The competition is fierce and the Zagat ratings are voluminous. Here at the Granary Apartments, we’ve taken out some of the guesswork by highlighting five of the most noteworthy. From savory sandwiches to thrilling entertainment, here are five of the best food destinations in the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia RestaurantsImage: Flickr

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Philadelphia’s Flea Market Scene for 2014

No matter how many shopping malls are constructed, no matter how many shiny new displays dangle in the department store windows, a true Philadelphian simply can’t resist the lure of the infamous flea market. An outdoor thrift shop stockpiled to the brim with hidden gems, unbelievably priced wares and various random odds and ends is just too good to pass on and with the city weather finally thawing for good, strolling through an outdoor market is a magnificent idea. In order to help you rediscover your bargain hunting, sunshine loving side, we at the Granary Apartments have compiled a short but sweet list of flea markets headed your way in the upcoming months.

Granary Flea MarketsImage: Flickr

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The Rodin Museum: More Proof That Philly’s Museum District is the Place to See in the City

Granary Apartments residents should feel proud to be a part of the thriving local museum district. There are so many worlds of wonder to explore and most of them are walking distance from your strategically located abode. The Rodin Museum, just moments from your home, boasts a wide array of exciting exhibits featuring floral masterpieces, architectural marvels and so much more. A trip to the Rodin Museum is a great adventure to add to the summer calendar and with the Rodin Museum standing firmly between the Philadelphia Free Library and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, one adventure could easily turn into three or more.

The Rodin MuseumImage: Flickr

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The Philly 5K Roc Race: Bringing a Real Life Game Show to the Granary

Granary Apartments game show lovers and fitness buffs can rejoice as an all new, game show inspired obstacle course heads into the city of Philadelphia, bringing with it the world’s largest inflatable slide and tons of adventure.

Have you ever watched a game show hosted sporting event and wished you could join in on the fun? Thanks to the Philly 5K Roc Race, you’ll never again have to wonder how you would have fared in such a circumstance. The event features gigantic obstacles that participants can take on in a real time race to the finish line.


Image: ROC Race

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