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Kanella: Mediterranean Fare in Philadelphia

Authentic fare is what’s cooking in Kanella’s kitchen in Philadelphia. Go there to feast on flavorful Mediterranean fare.

Stop by in the a.m. for the Cyprus Breakfast with two eggs fried in olive oil, with halloumi – cheese, lounza – smoked pork, and bread, the Shakshouka – two Eggs poached in a cumin scented tomato and pepper stew, with grilled bread, or Malohwa – pan fried savory puff pastry, boiled egg, spicy tomato salad & Greek yogurt. Some tasty sandwiches are on the menu, along with entrees like Whole Fish of the Day with fresh greens, Braised Rabbit Leg with fregula pasta, Organic Pig Cheeks with roasted fennel, Goat Chop with dolmades, and Stuffed Pepper with raisins, rice, lentils, & pine nuts.

Visit Kanella's website to find out more about this Philadelphia restaurant.

1001 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 922-1773


Essential Items for Traveling with Kids

Any parent will tell you that traveling with small children can be stressful. These road trip essentials will help to keep your kids entertained for the duration of your drive, and they may even help to prevent the usual, “Are we there yet?” questions from the back seat.

  1. Kid-friendly headphones. If your child simply can’t get enough of that popular song from the latest kids' movie, make it so that you don’t have to listen along every time. Pop a pair of kid-friendly headphones in to your iPhone or MP3 player and the kids can listen to their own music while you enjoy blissful silence.
  2. Mess-free puzzles. Puzzles like Rubik’s cubes and other one-piece options are great for keeping older kids busy, and they won’t create a mess like regular jigsaw puzzles. Bonus points if it's an educational puzzle.
  3. Movies. Whether you have a built-in DVD player or you set up a favorite movie on your iPad, allowing you children to watch a movie on the drive will make the hours pass much faster.

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Institute of Contemporary Art: Contemplate the Cutting Edge

Featuring installations, video art, architectural sculptures, and more, Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art exhibits a broad range of artistically innovative pieces from artists around the globe. This internationally recognized museum is committed to showcasing adventurous, risk-taking artwork that pushes the boundaries of current artistic forms and challenges us to think and see the world in new ways.

There is no permanent collection at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Instead, exhibits regularly rotate so every time you visit it's an entirely new experience. On any given day you might find a moveable glass wall pocked with what seem to be bullet holes, treehouses built to convey an environmental message, or huge canvasses covered with single-tone paint. Best of all, there's no admission charge, so it's easy to visit as often as you like.

Institute of Contemporary Art
118 South 36th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 898-7108


Philadelphia School of Circus Arts: Fitness, Flexibility, and Fun in Philly

Make no mistake: The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is not just for people who are pursuing professional acrobatics careers. Instead, this school is open to anyone who is interested in improving strength and flexibility while having a blast and learning the moves of professional acrobats!

Beginners should consider the introduction to aerials workshop, which is limited to just six students, and will teach you the basics of trapeze work, silk aerials, and rope stunts. More advanced classes and private lessons are available for students who already have some experience already. Specialty classes in non-aerial skills, like juggling and unicycling, are also available, as well as conditioning classes that will help you develop the strength and flexibility to improve your acrobatic skills.

Whatever class you choose, be sure you bring a camera, because you’ll definitely want to get some shots of you performing the kinds of feats that will impress your friends!

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
5900 A Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 849-1991