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Caring for Your Granite and Wood Countertops: An Apartment Dwellers Guide to Modern Furnishing Maintenance

Granite countertop with backsplash

The countertops in your apartment speak volumes about your personal style. In fact, the kitchen is one of the first things your guests who pay visits will see. Now that you’ve made your countertop selection (be it granite, wood or a combo), here are some tips on how you can clean and maintain and keep that initial shine for years to come. This way, your friends and loved ones will always walk away with a fresh impression of you.

Sidebar – There’s no one correct way to care for your Granary apartment countertops, but some methods have been proven more successful than others!

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Neighborhood Events Near You: A Look at Logan Square’s Spring Roster

St. Patrick's Day Parade

So you’re spending spring in a plush pad in the City of Brotherly Love. Lucky you! The 2015 calendar is already overflowing with events of all kinds for Philly apartment dwellers, particularly those residing in or near Logan Square. With a warmer season already underway, here are the highlighted festivals and events near your apartment in Philadelphia.

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Which Floor Plan is Right for You?

sunny apartment

Decisions, decisions, decisions… moving into a new apartment in Philadelphia is full of those. Just when you think you’ve narrowed things down to the perfect area, the perfect city, maybe even the perfect Philly apartment community, the decision making process rages on.

If you’ve got most of the particulars (area, price range, school district of preference etc.) pegged, the next decision on your list should regard your floor plan. Below, we’ll review a few different floor plan options that are popular in Philadelphia rentals and try to help you decide which one fits your lifestyle the best.

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