5 Day Staycation in Philly

5 Day Staycation in Philly

That recent Philly Airbnb tax that passed has got us thinking. People are flocking to Philly, and no wonder. It’s an incredible place, and was recently ranked as the top 2015 travel destination in America by the New York Times.

Ironically enough, it’s tough to take advantage of all Philly has to offer when you live here – how often do you go to work, head straight to spin class, and  drive straight home?

Let’s skip the insane airfare prices, traffic, and long waits that usually accompany summer vacations. Here’s a sample of what you could experience on a 5 day staycation in Philly.

Day 1: Relax

Man, what a week you’ve had – it’s time to detox. If you’re like most Americans, you’re not taking enough vacations, so this may make you feel antsy. You might even want to check your work email on the first day – don’t. Make an appointment at the Body Restoration Spa in the morning, and before you head over to the spa, grab coffee at Odyssey Coffee Shop near The Granary.

Next step? Make a reservation for the Rose Tattoo Cafe or Sabrina’s Cafe for the night. (Because honestly – who’s cooking after a day at the spa?)

If the weather’s nice, go for a stroll toward Logan Square. Big reader? Stop at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Movie buff? Catch a summer outdoor movie screening. Whatever you do, don’t do anything that requires work.


Day 2: Enjoy Philly Art

If you’ve already been to the Philly Museum of Art and want to try something a little different, check out the Mutter Museum. Yelp reviewers are intrigued by the “fantastic collection of skulls, bones, and other medical oddities.” This is one museum that truly isn’t like the rest!

Looking for other options? Check out this list that includes the classic Rodin Museum, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, or the Barnes Foundation. Spend the day wandering the galleries, being inspired, and marveling at the talent that your city holds.

In the evening, if you can make it to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, you’ll experience a refreshingly new kind of art venue, and possibly catch a fun event. (Check out our post featuring the Philly Magic Gardens before you go!)


Day 3: Active History-City Exploration

Even if you’ve seen the historical monuments in Philly before, let’s face it. It was probably in 6th grade. It’s time to revisit all of the historical sites that make Philly stand out. No, you don’t have to join a Philly historical tour with a man dressed as Paul Revere (unless you want to). Check these off your bucket list – again!

Start in Independence Mall, where you’ll see old and new architecture juxtaposed in the most beautiful way. Here are some famous spots you’ll where you’ll want to stop, and why:

  • Independence HallReserve your spot, and take the tour. Just do it. This is where our country’s constitution was and the Declaration of independence were birthed. Plus, it’s cool to imagine that the overzealous tour guide just got off a time machine.

  • Betsy Ross House – So what if we don’t know if Betsy Ross actually lived here? It’s a great spot to visit and get a better handle on the meaning of the stars and stripes. Plus, there’s fun movie nights May-October.

  • Franklin Square – Check out that gorgeous fountain, built in 1838. More importantly, grab a SquareBurger with fries and a Cake Shake at one of 5 oldest original town squares in PA. You need the calories after all the walking you’ve done.

  • Elfreth’s Alley – Yes, this is actually an alley. But this is the most beautiful, interesting 300 year old alley you’ve ever seen. Walk through these stalwart brick homes and the museum for just $5.

  • Liberty Bell – No list of Philly attractions would be complete without the Liberty Bell. You could wander through the Liberty Bell Center and see exhibits, or you could hang out and take photos with the bell. Up to you!

At the end of the day, raise a glass from the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philly (McGillin’s Olde Ale House on Drury Street), and toast our incredible city. Thirsting for more history? Check out these other Philly sites.


Day 4: Focus on the Food

Feel free to sleep in today – our activities yesterday required a lot of walking. Around 11am, make your way over to the oldest farmers market in the US, the Reading Terminal Market. There’s no better place in town to get your history, mouthwatering foods, and exercise all in one. When your stomach starts complaining, head to DiNic’s Roast Pork and Beef for a sandwich that was voted Best in America by the Travel Channel.

Now, you have choices to make. Read our post about cooking activities, demos, and lessons in Philly, and head there before dinner to sharpen your cooking skills. For dinner, head to either Rose or Sabrina’s (whichever you missed on Day 1), or one of these exemplary sites to eat out:

Day 5: Make Way for Nature

It’s your last day of Staycation – but don’t be too bummed. You don’t have to leave one of the greatest vacation cities in the world!

Time for a day of calm relaxation in nature, which has been proven to help with stress. Lace up your tennis shoes or hiking boots, and take a riverboat or kayak tour on the Schylkill River Loop. If you’re not feeling the water today, enjoy a  picnic or wander on the trails through the Schuylkill River Park or Trail.

To make the calm feeling last, try to incorporate the best sights of Philly into your daily routine! And if you don’t live in Philly yet, what are you waiting for? It’s time for your best vacation to turn into your hometown. Get in touch with us today and make your move into the best luxury apartments in Philly!


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