5 Ways to Stay Cool in Philly This Summer

staying cool in Philly summer

There’s nothing better than Philly summers. But sometimes, the heat can feel tropical and unrelenting. On days like that, when your hair’s decided it’s curly and even your elbows are sweating, it’s important to have a game plan for keeping the heat down.

As amazing as your brand new apartment in Center City is, it’s great to get out and enjoy everything Philly has to offer. Here are our top 5 ways to stay cool in Philly this summer:

  1. Enjoy Movie Nights/Movie Theaters

Either way you go—whether it’s to an air-conditioned movie theater or a movie night in the park, you really can’t go wrong with this pick. It’s number one for a reason! Check out the schedule for outdoor movie nights, and pack snacks to go. Not keen on sitting outside where mosquitoes can get to you? Keep an eye on the best movies coming out this summer— grab a cold fountain soda and settle in for two hours of cool entertainment.

  1. Frequent Beer Gardens

Some of the best beer gardens in the nation are in Philly. Take advantage of some that aren’t too far from your apartment in Center City. New ones pop up every year. Here are some great ones:


  1. Snag Water Ice (or Ice Cream with Jimmies)

Is there anything more refreshing or nostalgia-inducing than a good “wooder” ice or ice cream cone with jimmies (also called sprinkles in other less-enlightened places)? Probably not. Your best bet is to grab your water ice or ice cream at the hottest part of the day. Philly-ites frequent Rita’s Italian Ice and John’s Water Ice, although there are numerous stands located throughout the city. Pick one, and choose wisely, because you’re about to become a regular. Ice cream is even easier to locate as there are so many great ice cream spots around The Granary. For something different, try gelato at Capogiro Gelato or a juice bar at Whirled Peace.

  1. Head to The Library or Museum

We’ve covered some great places to learn new skills in Philly, so expand your mind while cooling down. When you live at The Granary, you’re steps away from the best museums, libraries, and cultural institutions in Philly. Head to the Philadelphia Museum and the Free Library of Philadelphia to start!

  1. Eat Out

As fun as it is to use your newfound cooking skills in your beautiful kitchen, let’s face it, stoves are hot. As cool as your apartment is, it’s fun to get out and explore culinary delights in the neighborhood, and let someone else do the cooking. Check out some of the diverse options for dining near your apartment and get out tonight.


If you do decide to stay in, you don’t have to hide away in your apartment—The Granary’s made it so that you can meet your neighbors easily and make new friends. Check out the club room with outdoor terrace, the lounge, and the rooftop deck (when the sun’s gone down, of course).

There’s nothing better than Philly in the summer, and to experience it, you have to be here. Get in touch with us today!

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