A Day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

There are few apartments in Philly that are surrounded by as much art and culture as The Granary. Logan Square is a dream neighborhood to be close to – it’s chock full of gorgeous architecture, beautiful museums, and is the home of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which was designed in the 1900s and still has the breathtaking historical statues to prove it.

Speaking of Rocky, remember that scene where he runs up the steps of the Philly Art Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway? There’s a reason Rocky liked to hang out there so much. Now, here are the keys (extra points if you pictured Ben Franklin with the kite experiment) to a perfect day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway:

 A Day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

9:30 AM – Coffee/Breakfast

Grab a hot latte from The Odyssey Coffee Shop (make sure you have cash), and finalize your game plan for the day. Or just try to wake up. Either way, breathe and let yourself enjoy the delicious aromas of Greek coffee.

If you’re a breakfast eater, you’ll want to head to Sabrina’s instead, but make sure you get there earlier than 9:30 – especially if this is a weekend outing. Crowds grow fast here – and for good reason. The syrupy concoction that is the French Toast Apocalypse has usurped many a breakfast lover’s heart.

10:45-ish AM – Book Shops

Stroll down to the parkway, which is just under a 6-minute walk away. If you’d rather hitch a ride, it’s only 4 minutes away. (Assuming you’re not in a hurry, we vote for the walk!) Take the N. 20th Street Route, and check out the Book Corner if it’s open, and give the resident cat some love. If you’re craving an even bigger book fix, see the Free Library of Philadelphia. It opens up at 9am every day but Sunday (1:00pm).

11:45 AM – Logan Square

Stop by Logan Square, check out the glittering gold-topped Aero Memorial from World War 1 and see if you can pick out a pegasus or dragon. This stately gilded bronze sculpture was designed to honor the Pennsylvania aviators who died in World War I, and the inside (whimsical) figures represent signs of the Zodiac. Toss a penny into the Swann Memorial Fountain, built to honor the founder of the Philadelphia Fountain Society, Dr. Wilson Cary Swann. In the summer, children love to frolic in its waters. Stroll around Sister Cities Park for a bit. Across the street, you’ll notice the gorgeous Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul. This is the “mother church” of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the largest brownstone structure in Philly!

12:30 PM – Rodin Museum

You’ll need to backtrack now – head toward N 29th Street, and you’ll reach the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Take the walking path NW, until you hit N 22nd Street. From there, you can cross over north toward the Rodin Museum. It’s open Wednesday-Monday (closed on Tuesday) from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. For $10, you can immerse yourself in a collection of over 140 bronze statues, marbles, and plasters by Auguste Rodin. For now, wander through the garden, which was strongly influenced by French design and features a renovated pool that reflects the beautiful structure.

1:30 PM – Eakin’s Oval

The Eakin’s Oval area has become a hotspot for residents. It’s a unique area, and quite family-friendly. There are sandboxes, big chess, checkers, and twister, and everything’s themed to resemble a beach. You won’t mistake it for the Jersey Shore, but there’s definitely plenty to see and do, espeically in the summer when there will be a massive beer garden, a major artist installation, evening concerts, movies under the stars, and plenty more. Grab a quick bite at one of the “beach food stands” along the “boardwalk,” and join a game of chess or checkers. Then, continue on your Philly day of fun.

2:45 PM – The Grand Finale

This is it, folks – the very steps where Rocky made his famous ascent toward the Philly Museum of Art. Take a photo with the Rocky Statue, then, head inside the Philly Museum (open Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM). Many exhibitions will come and go, but there will always be over 227,000 pieces of quality art, well worth the $20 price to explore. This is gonna take a while.

5:00 PM – Early Dinner

You’ll likely be hungry after these adventures – and the Water Works Restaurant & Lounge is a perfect spot to quell those hunger pangs. Head there around 5, when the museum closes (they open from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, then open again from 5 PM – 10:00 PM), and skip the dinner rush. The mediterranean food is delicious, but the real star power in this restaurant is the view. The Schuylkill’s looking good. (Bonus points if you know how to pronounce it).

At the end of your long day exploring the best of the impeccably-designed Benjamin Franklin Parkway (and more) there’s no better way to spend your evening than relaxing at your impeccably-designed luxury home in one of Philly’s best neighborhoods. Thank goodness it’s a short walk away from all of the culture, arts, and excitement that Philly has to offer.

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