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Explore Philly: Center City’s Mural Mile

Few pieces of art get the kind of exposure that outdoor murals in Philly do. These gorgeous pieces of art fill up spaces that would otherwise expose barren brick onto The City of Brotherly Love.

But the reach of these murals doesn’t stop at their proximity to the neighbors and pedestrians. Their beauty goes deeper, with strong messages about human rights and the wish to cement a beautiful spring day forever. And the biggest impact they all share? They change lives. Here’s how you can get the most out of the Center City’s Mural Mile.

Know Why They’re Around

These murals weren’t created on a whim. They were carefully designed, well-planned, and all have changed the lives of those who created them. From students that came from troubled backgrounds to actual prison convicts, the artists may be the most interesting parts of each story.

The Mural Arts Program was initiated in the 1980s to decrease crime and increase “bridges of connection and understanding.” And these artistic endeavors didn’t stop here—there are new projects happening every year, and new artists rising along with them.

Prepare for Adventure

You might walk past these murals every day, but how often do you really absorb them? One man noted, “Making the mural the destination changes everything about it. The work seemed important and vital—like I was in a museum I might not visit again.”

Put on your walking shoes, and get ready to walk or run. Side note: Philly’s Mural Mile is actually 2.5 miles, but “Mural 2.5 Miles” just isn’t as catchy.

Check out this custom Mural Mile Google map, download the official map if you’d like, and get educated on the nearest coffee spots (hey, you never know when you’ll need a recharge). Get deeper with the Mural Mile walking tours, or go it alone with a 5 km walking audio tour (English only).

Embrace Changes

There’s one mural you won’t see on your adventure—that’s the Autumn mural, which was covered by a new townhouse. Yes, it’s upsetting. But remember, these murals are essentially graffiti—beautiful, astounding graffiti that can take a special place in your heart, but can also disappear one day. The good news? New murals are created every day, and the ebb and flow of city growth is mirrored by this street art. Enjoy the current moment!

Join the Movement

Once you’ve experienced the Mural Mile, you may want to dive in and help mold the future of Philly artists! First, check out the Mural Mile Pinterest to revisit your favorite pieces, then add the organization on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on the latest news. Afterwards, check out the official Mural Arts website for information about getting involved.

Want to live in the heart of Philly and experience the exciting new art scene developments? You can’t beat life in the best luxury Center City apartments. Get in touch with us today for more information!


Image: Flickr

If You Missed it: 5 Great Picks from Fall Center City District’s Restaurant Week

The Granary, Restaurant Week Picks

Did you miss Fall Center City District’s Restaurant Week?

Fortunately, when you live in Center City, Philly, you can pretend it’s restaurant week all year round. We’re here to boil your restaurant options from 120+ down to our top 5 picks. Hey, you might have missed the main event, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a superb meal tonight. Just don’t forget to make reservations!

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The Best Places to Grab a Drink in Center City

Central City Best Drinks Granary Apartments

Some nights, you just need to peel yourself off your couch and get out into the real world with good friends and good drinks.

These hand-picked bars and cafes near The Granary are all a seven minute walk or less, and you’ll enjoy a relaxed night with high quality beer and wine in hand. Isn’t it time you plugged into Center City? Here are the best places to grab drinks in Center City.

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5 Ways to Stay Cool in Philly This Summer

staying cool in Philly summer

There’s nothing better than Philly summers. But sometimes, the heat can feel tropical and unrelenting. On days like that, when your hair’s decided it’s curly and even your elbows are sweating, it’s important to have a game plan for keeping the heat down.

As amazing as your brand new apartment in Center City is, it’s great to get out and enjoy everything Philly has to offer. Here are our top 5 ways to stay cool in Philly this summer:

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5 Day Staycation in Philly

5 Day Staycation in Philly

That recent Philly Airbnb tax that passed has got us thinking. People are flocking to Philly, and no wonder. It’s an incredible place, and was recently ranked as the top 2015 travel destination in America by the New York Times.

Ironically enough, it’s tough to take advantage of all Philly has to offer when you live here – how often do you go to work, head straight to spin class, and  drive straight home?

Let’s skip the insane airfare prices, traffic, and long waits that usually accompany summer vacations. Here’s a sample of what you could experience on a 5 day staycation in Philly.

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The Best Cooking Classes in Philadelphia

The Best Cooking Classes in Philadelphia

Get ready to  fill up your Granary Apartment with the aroma of delicious homemade dishes.  There are so many wonderful cooking classes in Philadelphia and near the Granary, that there is no excuse to be getting takeout every night! Impress a date by learning to cook some gourmet cuisine. Here are some of the best cooking classes around you.

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Philly and Science: The Future Looks Phosphorescent

Philly and Science: The Future Looks Phosphorescent

Science in Philly didn’t end with Ben Franklin.

Philly has always been a hub for new scientific endeavors, and currently, we’re stoking the interest of younger scientists. Just take a look at this photo of Katie Couric hanging out with science-savvy girl scouts in Philly. The science bug has bitten Philly, and we’re excited to be part of the future in our beautiful (and smart!) city. Here are some big reasons why Philly and science are a match made in –  well, a really nice lab.

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More than Just Green Space: Center City Park Events

friends smiling and walking arm in arm

Craving some fun outdoor events this summer?

The Granary Apartments are close to all of the Center City Parks, which means you can easily attend the many exciting events at each of them. Center City Parks consist of four parks: Dilworth, Sister Cities, John F. Collins, and Cret. The closest to your Philadelphia apartment is Dilworth Park, but the others are only a short distance away. Here are some Center City Parks events you don’t want to miss:

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Eraserhood Jammin’: Music Scene in Callowhill

Eraserhood Jammin': Music Scene in Callowhill

If watching live performances is your passion, you will love exploring the music scene around your Granary Apartment. The music scene in Callowhill offers a wide variety of musical venues for fans of many different musical tastes.

Here are some of the best venues that you can easily get to from your Philly apartment:

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A Day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

There are few apartments in Philly that are surrounded by as much art and culture as The Granary. Logan Square is a dream neighborhood to be close to – it’s chock full of gorgeous architecture, beautiful museums, and is the home of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which was designed in the 1900s and still has the breathtaking historical statues to prove it.

Speaking of Rocky, remember that scene where he runs up the steps of the Philly Art Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway? There’s a reason Rocky liked to hang out there so much. Now, here are the keys (extra points if you pictured Ben Franklin with the kite experiment) to a perfect day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway:

 A Day on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

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