Eraserhood Jammin’: Music Scene in Callowhill

Eraserhood Jammin': Music Scene in Callowhill

If watching live performances is your passion, you will love exploring the music scene around your Granary Apartment. The music scene in Callowhill offers a wide variety of musical venues for fans of many different musical tastes.

Here are some of the best venues that you can easily get to from your Philly apartment:

Union Transfer

Located on Spring Garden Street, Union Transfer features both new and seasoned indie rock acts in an intimate space. There are three full bars that have an enormous liquor selection, including draft and bottled beers from micro and macro breweries. There are small snacks for sale, and sometimes ice cream is served. There are restaurants nearby that you can stop at before a show for a delicious dinner, including Sazon Restaurant and Cafe and Llama Tooth.

Upcoming shows include:  The Early November (6/4), Wire (6/5), Calexico (6/6), and Modern Life is War (6/7).

Underground Arts

This music venue and bar’s selection of shows mainly include indie and alternative artists. Underground Arts‘ Black Box theatre, where the music happens, is located in a large basement, hence the term “underground.” Their bar and kitchen are open during every show, but food and drinks can also be enjoyed in two separate rooms with seating available.

Upcoming shows include: Iron Reagan (6/5), Mo Lowda & The Humble (6/6), and The Very Best + Heems (6/9).

World Cafe Live

World Cafe Live was designed in a large factory building specifically for live music shows. Their Downstairs Live has a three-tiered music hall, while Upstairs Live features a small cafe on street level that puts on live radio broadcasts and other performances daily. Both floors offer food and drinks so your entire night out can be spent at the venue. World Cafe Live features a variety of performances so it is perfect for those with diverse taste.

Upcoming shows: Mason Porter (6/5), Catie Curtis (6/7), Monday Jazz Jam (6/8), and Raye Zaragoza (6/9).

Chris’ Jazz Cafe

If you like to enjoy smooth jazz while sipping on a cocktail like it’s 1925, then Chris’s Jazz Cafe is the place for you. In the small candle-lit venue, you can order mixed drinks, one of which is a whiskey drink simply called Leather Bound Books. While there are jazz performances daily, featured performances are every weekend.

Upcoming shows include: Behn Gillice (6/5) and Cathy Rocco & her Band (6/6).

Raven Lounge

If you’re less about seeing a live band perform and more about dancing to a DJ’s mixes, then make your way to Raven Lounge. The second floor has a DJ and dancefloor that is usually packed with those who just want to dance the night away. There is a full bar and seating on the first floor if you need time to recharge.

Contact us to learn more about living in an exciting neighborhood with a variety of late-night musical options to suit your every need.

Image Source: Visit Philly

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