Philly and Science: The Future Looks Phosphorescent

Philly and Science: The Future Looks Phosphorescent

Science in Philly didn’t end with Ben Franklin.

Philly has always been a hub for new scientific endeavors, and currently, we’re stoking the interest of younger scientists. Just take a look at this photo of Katie Couric hanging out with science-savvy girl scouts in Philly. The science bug has bitten Philly, and we’re excited to be part of the future in our beautiful (and smart!) city. Here are some big reasons why Philly and science are a match made in –  well, a really nice lab.

1 – very exciting annual Philadelphia Science Festival

This year’s nine-day event featured everything from a Beer Lab to a Nerd Nite: Science Myths Busted event. Over 120,000 people enjoyed lectures, debates, special exhibits, and hands-on activities. Missed it? Trust us, you’ll want to attend next year.

40,000 – average yearly scholars of Philly’s University of the Sciences

This is one phenomenal school, and we’re not biased. 95% of USciences students are employed or moved into advanced degrees within six months of graduating. That means smart people are contributing sooner and making a difference in healthcare and science-related fields. On top of that, USciences ranks in the top 10% of universities like it. Now that’s impressive.

12 – intriguing core exhibit galleries at the  The Franklin Institute in Philly

This museum is well worth the admission price of $19.95 for adults and $15.95 for children (3-11). If you’re a LEGO enthusiast, or even just someone who enjoyed playing with them as a kid, you have to see The Art of the Brick. “Masterpiece” is exactly the right term. On top of that, see the Genghis Khan exhibit before it’s gone (in January 2016), and delve into the mind of one of the most “misunderstood conquerors.”

200 – the number of years since the Academy of Natural Sciences first wowed Philly visitors

We’re most excited about the upcoming Clearly Beautiful photography exhibit by Adam Summers (arrives June 6-September 25, 2015). Get ready to get up close and personal with every tiny skeletal tissue of various fish, all shown in vibrant tones. You may never look at your grilled salmon the same way. Of course, you might opt to check out any of 16 other exhibits, including one about mollusks (curious about snail life?) and the ever-popular dinosaurs. They may be extinct, but they’re certainly not forgotten.

6 p.m. – when Science on Tap’s “Dark Matter Matters” talk at National Mechanics begins

This is one of several super cool science talks by Science on Tap, and it’s being hosted by a great pub. Beer + science talk? You can’t really have much more fun than that on a Monday night. Join the Dark Side 6/8 at National Mechanics (22 South Third Street, PA 19106).

37 – the street where Philly women who have changed the world will be honored by University Science Center

Know someone who deserves to be nominated for this honor? Submit their name and share why you believe they deserve it. And if you want to nominate yourself, we’re pretty sure that’s legal. This Innovators Walk of Fame will increase visibility of Philly’s finest women in a very public area—and in a mainly male-dominated arena. University City Science Center, women of the world salute you.

4,000,000 – the number of feet that will be added to the University City Science Center

The University City Science Center and Wexford Science + Technology are now partners, and will create a jaw-dropping extra four million square feet of new space in West Philly. That’s right! More space to innovate, grow, and change forever the scientific landscape—all starting in our landmark city.

Whether you’re a budding scientist or a seasoned business executive in Philly, you’ll be inspired by the city’s constant growth, development, and sense of community. All of these values are reflected by our luxury apartments in Philly—every day, you’re bound to feel the heartbeat of the city without sacrificing comfort and relaxation. Thinking about leasing? Get in touch with us today!


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