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More than Just Green Space: Center City Park Events

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Craving some fun outdoor events this summer?

The Granary Apartments are close to all of the Center City Parks, which means you can easily attend the many exciting events at each of them. Center City Parks consist of four parks: Dilworth, Sister Cities, John F. Collins, and Cret. The closest to your Philadelphia apartment is Dilworth Park, but the others are only a short distance away. Here are some Center City Parks events you don’t want to miss:

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Essential Items for Traveling with Kids

Any parent will tell you that traveling with small children can be stressful. These road trip essentials will help to keep your kids entertained for the duration of your drive, and they may even help to prevent the usual, “Are we there yet?” questions from the back seat.

  1. Kid-friendly headphones. If your child simply can’t get enough of that popular song from the latest kids' movie, make it so that you don’t have to listen along every time. Pop a pair of kid-friendly headphones in to your iPhone or MP3 player and the kids can listen to their own music while you enjoy blissful silence.
  2. Mess-free puzzles. Puzzles like Rubik’s cubes and other one-piece options are great for keeping older kids busy, and they won’t create a mess like regular jigsaw puzzles. Bonus points if it's an educational puzzle.
  3. Movies. Whether you have a built-in DVD player or you set up a favorite movie on your iPad, allowing you children to watch a movie on the drive will make the hours pass much faster.

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