Underground Arts and Underground Artists

Just in time for the holiday season, Philadelphia’s loft district has been awarded a gift of underground entertainment in the form of an entirely new venue. Underground Arts intends to fill 12,000 square feet of open space with some of the best underground talent in the city. They specialize in all things underground, from performance art to interpretive dance. Ticket prices start at around $10 per person and do not get much more expensive.

Underground Arts1

Underground Arts is turning out to be the ideal destination to discover new favorite underground stars, plus it’s within walking distance from Granary Apartments in Philly’s Loft District. Their calendar is already filled with talented debuts from the likes of the West Philadelphia Orchestra, Afro Beat and Zongo Junction.

They kicked off October with a quirky improvised horror show, serving as an ode to slasher films of the past. The tongue in cheek gorefest (intended for adult audiences) reminisced on the days of old horror themes. An underground Halloween dance party followed the show’s debut to the tune of electronic dance music.

By the end of October, the Underground Arts cabaret steered away from gore and introduced three indie bands in the vein of alternative rock and pop. Thee Oh Sees, The Blind Shake, and OBN III’s took on Philadelphia’s underground music scene. The headlining band has a well established internet fan base consisting of more than 100,000 followers. The show and the venue look promising for future shows!

Over the next couple of months, the Underground Arts Cabaret will host a dance-off, a fundraiser, and multiple showcases featuring new underground artists. Early November will feature jazz music, courtesy of Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society, Chelsea Reed, and The Fair Weather Five. In mid-November, solo pianist Moonface will take the stage, followed by sultry alternative singer Saltland.

The most exciting aspect of Underground Arts is its newness. Philadelphia is a historical city that does an excellent job of paying homage to the forefathers of our great nation. However, maintaining the tradition of trail blazing and leadership is of equal importance. Underground Arts provides promise for the stars of tomorrow by supplying them with a modern and inspiring platform.

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